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A Blockchain based Digital Filing Cabinet, which enables the consumer to securely store, control and manage their data. YourBlock combines the security, privacy and scalability of private storage with the data integrity, immutability, and accountability of the public Ethereum Blockchain, YourBlock will hold provider’s pricings for their products and services. Consumers can request quotes without their data leaving the platform. Consumers will be rewarded with discounted products and services, and then be rewarded with YBK Tokens for using the platform.


The solution is to provide the consumer with a safe and secure platform onto which they can enter all of their (and their family’s) personal data, including PDFs (for example, of utility bills), images and emails. Subsequently, to furnish the consumer with the ability to view quotes for products and services without their data leaving the Blockchain.

Transacting all business within the consumer’s own digital fi ling cabinet. No third party would ever hold any of the consumers personal data; they would re-request access to the consumer’s fi ling cabinet, if required, again with no personal data ever leaving the consumer’s digital fi ling cabinet. They are entering the next phase of digital evolution; the first brought the Internet with information, Email, Apps and connectivity through Social Media. This enabled the masses to share their information quickly and publicly. In most cases without consideration of the risk to their personal data or digital footprint.


YourBlock is aiming to be the fi rst Blockchain basedav comparison and incentivised Personal Data storage platform. A Blockchain digital fi ling cabinet, designed from the ground up to address the need of consumers to have somewhere safe and secure to store their data, data that they use on a daily basis to manage their dayto-day lives.

 Token Economics

200,000,000 issued YBK Tokens.

YBK Token Value = €0.50.

The number of YBK tokens being released is fi nite (200,000,000) and the YBK tokens will be used as an incentive and reward on the platform. Therefore it is envisaged that YourBlock will have to actively take part in purchasing YBK tokens on a secondary market, in order to meet future demands. YourBlock will also encourage companies with which it has commercial arrangements to use YBK tokens as a multi product loyalty reward. A secondary market could play an important role in that distribution, and YourBlock will arrange secondary market listings as quickly as possible following the Token Sale. YourBlock may also charge its commercial partners a small number of YBK tokens to access and make changes to their pricing plans on the YourBlock platform.

YBK Supply

• Total token supply = 200 Million (200,000,000) YBK tokens •

30% of YBK tokens sold to public in the token sale.

• YBK Value = €0.50

• Hard Cap = €30 Million

• Soft Floor = €5 Million

Basic Terms

Pre sale start date: 18th December 2017 – €10 Million

Discount on pre sale YBK tokens up to 40% -Lock in periods will apply

Pre sale end date: 15th January 2018

• Main sale start date: 15th January 2018

• Main sale end date: 26th February 2018


Read more: Whitepaper

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