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“Votem is far and above the competition in terms of creating a trusted blockchain voting solution. We think that within a few elections, some precincts will be calculating votes on systems built by Votem and her competitors, and that recording property transactions into blockchains will be commonplace within the century.” – P.H. Madore, Cryptocoinnews

Votem positions itself between the tech-savvy blockchain entrepreneurs who don’t understand the intricacies of running elections and the traditional election systems manufacturers who rely heavily on traditional voting methods. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of both voter behavior and the demands of election officials and legislators. There are 4 (four) key components of our solution, which VAST Token Holders get to take advantage of, which includes the following:

CastIron Platform – Application

CastIron Mobile Voting Platform This is the application layer that provides the Election Management System (EMS) and related functionality to support online elections.

Proof of Vote – Protocol

“Proof of Vote” Protocol This openly vetted protocol provides the detailed method for conducting end-to-end verifiable elections using distributed ledger technology.

VAST Token – Access

VAST Token The Token provides role-based access to the CastIron software platform.

Public Sidechains-Private Blockchain-Trusted Nodes

Blockchain Our protocol and application run on a private blockchain framework, with public sidechains for additional verification, creating auditable vote records that can be validated in real time.

Proof of Vote Protocol

End-to-End Verifiable Voting Protocol

Votem’s Proof of Vote public protocol, under development for early release in January 2018, aims to serve as a blueprint for VAST enabled voting applications like CastIron that embody the underlying guiding principle of verifiability, accessibility, security, and transparency.

It will detail distributed key generation and management, mixed network shuffling, zero knowledge proof implementations and how all of these and other technologies fit together in the context of a cryptographically sound and verifiable voting schema.

They believe that any protocol we design for elections must earn complete trust from the elections community, voters, candidates, and administrators alike. To ensure the utmost confidence in elections, we are developing the following verifiable proofs of the critical steps for our voting protocol, which will allow independent validators and voters to verify the outcome and security of elections run on VAST enabled voting applications.

The VAST Token

Run Fully Verifiable and Secure Elections The VAST Token is an EIP-20 (formerly ERC-20) compliant digital token issued by Votem Corp and is named after the four critical elements of a voting system (Verifiability, Accessibility, Security, Transparency). The VAST Token, akin to a perpetual software license, is designed to improve the efficacy of voting events for both private and public elections by allowing an individual or organization secure access to the CastIron platform and its features to successfully operate elections.

The number of tokens required will be defined by the number of potential voters as well as the verifiability and security features needed. Once tokens are purchased, they can be used for any number of elections, but only for one election at a time. VAST Tokens will support a range of validation requirements and role-based functionality for different elections as not all elections require the same levels of technical complexity nor human validation as others.


  • Contest Creation

Election setup is often the most logistically complicated process of an election. Election Management Bodies (EMBs) can use CastIron’s election management system to easily establish election definitions with all of the supporting functionality for ballot design and logic (majority wins, ranked choice etc.).

  • Voter Registration

Voters register to participate in the election. The type of registration process is determined by the EMB and can be automatic or manual

  • Ballot Marking

Voters can mark their ballots on the device of their choosing. Ballots will be equipped with all the necessary accessibility features to enable all voters, regardless of disability or access to a polling place, to vote.

  • Ballot Casting + Storage

A Cast Vote Record is created from the ballot and is securely transmitted and stored on the blockchain voting server which serves as an immutable digital audit trail and record of cast votes.

  • Tabulation

Votes are counted according to the requirements for the election. In US elections, they are sent to a separate server for counting, while in other elections anyone could tabulate results.

  • Reporting

The results are passed to a number of reporting sites for public release and certification.

  • Auditing

EMB or independent third-party auditors can administer Risk Limiting Audits, system audits, and any other regulatory mandated assessment for the election. The blockchain is an immutable record of cast-votes over the course of the election and serves as an audit trail that is accessible to authorized EMBs and Election Validators for certification of results.


  • Token: Votem
  • Abreviation: VAST
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Total supply: 300m VAST
  • 1 Vast = $ 0.5


Read more: whitepaper

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