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Viberate is a platform that joins the entire live music ecosystem under one roof. Currently it acts as IMDB for live music, where profiles are ranked according to their online popularity. It is built and curated by the Viberate user community. Our end game is to disrupt the music industry as we know it – by becoming the biggest global talent marketplace. Viberate’s database, community, holistic approach and marketplace features are the four elements that make its service unique and revolutionary. The foundations of our extensive musician database go all the way back to our pilot project, a simple ranking service for DJs. We started off as a directory of no more than a couple of thousand DJs, but soon grew into a massive database of over 50,000 musicians. Over the years we’ve expanded to all music genres and upgraded our database to 120,000 musicians, 40,000 music venues and 60,000 events. Since anyone can contribute towards our growth, the database is growing on a daily basis, and at that rate, we plan to gradually grow towards millions of entities from all around the world.

The first ever blockchain-based live music marketplace

With the database and communication channels in place, our platform enables the implementation of a live music marketplace.

On a B2B level, event organizers will be able to book musicians directly through our service, just like we book accommodation on Airbnb. They will pick them up from the crowd using our social media metrics and after the gig is over, the event organizer will review the musician and vice versa. In the booking process, we’ll utilize blockchain technology to negotiate terms (smart contracts) and transfer payment (escrow).

On a B2C level we will offer event organizers a chance to sell tickets through Viberate on a decentralized system (via DApp) without intermediaries. On top of that, we’ll give fans a chance to sell already purchased tickets on a secondary market.

Earning Vibes

Adding new profiles into the database
Curating and updating information in existing profiles
Adding events into the database
Referring friends
Promoting Viberate on social media and blogs
Writing articles
Spending Vibes

Paying booking fees
Buying subscriptions for premium services
Buying advertising space on
Buying event tickets
Getting access to premium industry contacts
Trading on exchanges

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