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Trade Token

      Trade Tokentrade
Total Supply: 500 000 000
Decimals: 18
Symbol: TIO
Blockchain: Ethereum ERC-20
Crowdfunding Tokens Available: 275 000 000

PRE-ICO Period: November 7th 00:01 – November 25th 23:59
Tokens for PRE-ICO: 200 000 000
PRE-ICO price: 1 ETH = 200 Trade Token
Unsold PRE-ICO tokens: Will be sold during ICO
PRE-ICO participation: Via fiat & crypto currency

ICO Period: November 28th 00:01 – December 15th 23:59
Tokens for ICO: 75 000 000 + Unsold from PRE-ICO
Unsold Trade Tokens: Will be burned post-ICO 1
ICO price: Tier based pricing as per table below
ICO participation: Only via ETH

According to a statistic published by Broker Notes back in June 2017, the Forex market is the
biggest financial market in the world with its size 4 times the size of the global GDP. Assets
worth 5.3 trillion-dollars are being traded on a daily basis.

Cloud Server & Data Storage
The Web 2.0 layer will be hosted on the Azure cloud platform with a mix of IPFS/ SWARM,
BigchainDB/IPDB and Web 2.0 technologies for file and data storage. Specific implementation
will be decided via benchmark testing during development. E-Wallet
The wallet will not only be a secure storage medium for fiat and crypto currency and
other tokenized assets, but also allow for participation in our shared P2P Liquidity Pool.
• Participate in the exciting world of P2P trading without the stress of managing risk
or expensive overhead.
• Participation will be via Trade Tokens, fiat and crypto currency and we plan to add
other tokenized assets in the future.
• Participants will have a share in the performance of the liquidity pool with 50% of’s profit going in on a daily basis.
• Daily residual distributions will be shared proportionately based on liquidity pool

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) & Token
To provide the opportunity to all of you who wish to participate and be among the pioneers
that will be taking advantage of our next generation platform right from the start, we announce
our ICO. We are issuing 500 million Trade Tokens, of which up to approximately two-thirds will
be available for crowdsale.
During PRE-ICO which is scheduled to run from November 7th 2017 to November 25th 2017,
we are selling a maximum of 200 million Trade Tokens at a price of 200 Trade Tokens for 1
Ether (ETH).
Unsold PRE-ICO tokens, if any, will be transferred to the ICO that will run from November 28th
2017 to December 15th 2017. The selling price during ICO will be tier based on 3 separate
periods, starting with 100 Trade Tokens for 1 Ether (ETH). The original number of tokens
allocated for ICO is 75 million with the number expandable to a maximum of 130 million if
overallotment is necessary, thus bringing the total possible number of tokens available for
crowdsale to 330 million, approximately two thirds of the total 500 million issued. Unsold
tokens will be burned at the end of crowdsale.

Trade Token Crowdsale Security
The Trade Token Crowdsale smart contracts deployed on Ethereum’s mainnet were built by the Majoolr
Majoolr stands on three core principles; Expert development, Team-oriented, and Professionalism.
Their expertise relies on focus and attention to detail, team-orientation keeps communication and critical
thought open and fluid, and professionalism ensures quality discussions with their partners. With that said,
the following document lists their security and design considerations for these smart contracts.


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