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Quifas is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange, which will eliminate current market issues. Users will have access to a very intuitive interface on the platform, and the exchange’s staff will provide efficient support services in regards to all queries. Support will be provided in a language convenient to users.

The Quifas Exchange is built to address all of the issues mentioned above, which most cryptocurrency exchanges face today. The main purpose of the platform will be to enhance and facilitate user experiences.

Quifas Functionality

  • Exceptional Customer Service – The main focus of Quifas will be on customer experience. We will aim to resolve every issue within 24 hours or less. We will provide multilingual support and a team spread across the globe, ready to tackle any issues that users might experience.
  • Liquidity – Quifas will provide great liquidity for traders, thereby minimizing slippages in trade price executions. This will be possible thanks to partnerships with industry leaders.
  • Security Improvements – The Quifas Exchange is custom built, and will be hosted within a secured cloud environment and monitored around the clock by cybersecurity experts.
  • Immediate Account Upgrade – Currently, most users have to wait days or weeks for their accounts to pass verifications and an account upgrade. Quifas Exchange will aim to complete verification of accounts within 24 hours or less.
  • Unlimited Withdrawals – Many users face daily withdrawal limits. Once an account is verified, the user will enjoy unlimited withdrawals.
  • Scalable Infrastructure – The platforms technology is designed to be scalable so as to accommodate a huge increase in new user registrations without having to shut down registrations, while still providing awesome customer support.
  • Ultra Fast Matching Engine – Quifas is built on one of the most advanced technology and is capable of handling 2.5 Million transaction per second. The order matching engine can execute trades in less than one millisecond. It is highly scalable and able to support millions of users simultaneously.


Zero Trading Fee for all Purchases with QFS Tokens For Life

Holders of QFS tokens will be entitled to discount on trading fees on the exchange.

Their exchange is focused on serving the people’s needs, therefore QFS Token holders will have a say on which coins get listed on the exchange.

Token Name QFS
Price of QFS token $0.40 (1 QFS = $0.40)
Max Supply of tokens 200,000,000 (two hundred million)
Payment Method Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)
Minimum Contribution 0.1 ETH
Token distribution Date No later than 30th May 23:59:59 (UTC-4)

Road Map

  • Oct 2017– Team Assembled for Project Commencement
  • Feb 2018 White Paper Released
  • March 2018– Launch of ICO
  • June 2018– Launch of Quifas Cryptocurrency Exchange with Global Marketing
  • Sept 2018 -Launch of Mobile Platforms
  • Dec 2018– Listing of 100 Cryptocurrencies on Exchange
  • Jan 2019 Multilingual support Expansion in French, German, Korean, Chinese, etc
  • Dec 2019– Become a Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchange in the World

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