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Qchain is an upcoming blockchain-powered digital marketing, advertising, and analytics platform. Direct buy advertising application aims to facilitate open, flexible, and inviolable cost-per-conversion, cost-per-action (CPA), cost-per-click (CPC), and cost-per-impression (CPI) transactions between advertisers and publishers through the use of smart contracts. We will especially place emphasis on facilitating cost-per-conversion transactions, which are more resistant to ad fraud, since the increased temporal and financial costs of conversions relative to clicks filters for human interactions. Other central application, the Qchain Personal Data Management and Marketplace (PDMM) application, will add everyday Internet users as a third participating agent to the traditional advertiser-publisher binary star system. Internet users will be able to monetize, control, and permissionize their data with the PDMM application, advertisers will be able to ethically obtain more detailed and up to date data that helps with targeting, and content publishers will financially benefit from the higher conversion rates that come with more relevant targeting. Thus, the PDMM application offers the advertising industry progress on the fronts of data privacy and data quality.


• The Advertiser. The Advertiser accumulates a supply of EQC and/or XQC for an ad campaign. The Advertiser creates the media resources and content for the campaign, and then contracts with Publishers to serve the ads to users. The Advertiser can choose to either be automatically matched with compatible Publishers based on the ad criteria each party has specified or personally select particular contracts to enter into with Publishers. The Advertiser offers some amount of payment per conversion, click, impression, or action to be split between The Publisher and The Host.

• The Publisher. The Publisher agrees to display media resources and content produced by The Advertiser for a set period of time on its website in exchange for a number of tokens per click, impression, or other factor. Publishers can specify criteria for advertisements that they are willing to serve, including ad type, genre, content, payment range, duration of time, and many more options.

• The Host. The Host serves as a member of a decentralized network of transaction verifiers. For a percentage of the token payment, The Host agrees to provide bandwidth and compute capacity to execute checks that verify the legitimacy of the ad activity occurring on The Publisher’s website that pertains to a Qchain ad contract. Thus, The Host serves as a referee of the transaction between The Advertiser and Publisher. If The Host has sufficient resources, they can optionally offer to act as a content delivery server for The Advertiser, mitigating the need for The Advertiser to independently obtain online storage of its media content.


The Qchain Personal Data Management and Marketplace (PDMM) application will revolutionize how everyday Internet users and marketing and advertising firms transfer and interact with user data. The application will give Internet users the ability to tokenize and permissionize their own data online, transforming the concept of digital data ownership and essentially allowing users to serve as their own data brokers. Users will be able sell data that they are comfortable with sharing via instantaneous auctions to marketing and advertising firms. Meanwhile, marketing and advertising companies will benefit from having access to an ethical avenue for purchasing and collecting data that users have openly shared. Furthermore, advertisers and marketers will be able to save costs by reducing the need for middlemen data management platforms (DMPs) to harvest and acquire second and third-party data at the behest of those companies. In short, the PDMM application will provide mutual benefit for Internet users and marketing and advertising companies. Functionality for the PDMM application will be integrated with our paid survey and DSP advertising applications


The Ethereum Qchain (“EQC”) and XEM Qchain (“XQC”) tokens will be used to engage in transactions and access the services on the Qchain application. The EQC token will be ERC20-compliant. A static maximum amount of 125,000,000 tokens will exist for each blockchain after the respective Ethereum and NEM token launch crowdsale, such that there will be a total maximum of 250,000,000 tokens. The crowdsale will be targeted for commencement in late summer or early fall. The allocation of tokens is presented in the following figure. The proportions will be equivalent for both XQC and EQC token launches.

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