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Stealth grid – Blockchain Technologies


Decentralized Infrastructures: Stealth Grid™ foresees “a radically decentralized, more highly interconnected world. A global society that will fundamentally change your costs, efficiency, and reach, opening up a wealth of new opportunities for those who prepare for it; the infrastructure for the next generational social and economic systems.” StealthCrypto’s™ blockchain innovations ...

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Denaro is a multi-currency debit card platform that enables users to access, store, and spend their cryptocurrencies like any other debit card. We have designed and developed a blockchain-based platform where users can seamlessly utilize their cryptos for their daily activities. Through payment terminals for merchants, IBAN numbers, and API/SCI ...

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The Pitch Investors Live app is available on the iOS App Store at time of writing. It connects unaffiliated entrepreneurs or project teams who wish to sell blockchain tokens as a method of Capital Accumulation to prospective customers who are using the app. Potential customers can request the entrepreneur or ...

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White Rabbit


If CRH accepts the tokens, they initiate a transaction for content. The CRH accepts the token by entering into a smart contract with White Rabbit. Thereafter, no further action is needed by the CRH to receive payment for future streams. The process is now automated. After acceptance of tokens, the ...

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HERO- Promoting Financial Inclusion


HERO– Promoting Financial Inclusion, Transparency, and Efficiency in Southeast Asia. Hero’s mission is to make credit more readily available and affordable for the unbanked or underbanked, starting in Southeast Asia. Hero Origen Tokens are functional utility smart contracts within the Hero Capital Market Platform. The Hero Capital Market Platform will be ...

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Eristica – Product Hunt


The users of Eristica will get the opportunity to create completely different types of challenges, including competitions in online games, offline bets, as well as mass competitions, which is a unique advantage of the project. One other great feature of the platform is the freedom afforded to users when it ...

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asa is a service-focused, on-demand marketplace platform that offers unique lead generation and marketing opportunities to small and medium sized companies, targeting B2B and B2C sectors. The platform’s key advantages include: Low initial costs Exposure to targeted audiences Rewards system that incentivizes users to contribute content to Opporty’s knowledge-sharing platform ...

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Token Sale (distribution) Token distribution phase #1 Pre-ICO Start date: 16th of October 2017 (12:00 PM London Time, GMT-0) End date: 15th of November 2017 (12:00 PM London Time, GMT-0) e-Chat tokens distribution cap (phase #1): 5,000,000 ECHT Currency accepted: ETH, BTC, LTC, ZEC, BTS Token exchange rate: 1 ECHT ...

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Trade Token


      Trade Token Total Supply: 500 000 000 Decimals: 18 Symbol: TIO Blockchain: Ethereum ERC-20 Crowdfunding Tokens Available: 275 000 000 PRE-ICO Period: November 7th 00:01 – November 25th 23:59 Tokens for PRE-ICO: 200 000 000 PRE-ICO price: 1 ETH = 200 Trade Token Unsold PRE-ICO tokens: Will be ...

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TenX Wallet

TenX Wallet

The COMIT Network COMIT stands for Cryptographically-secure Off-chain Multi-asset Instant Transaction network. It’s a mouthful. But when you boil it down, It’s just a way to process transactions rapidly, and across blockchain assets. So if you’ve got a customer and they want to pay you in Litecoin but you want ...

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