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The Pindify product is an innovative Market Network System, combining the best of marketplaces, social networks and portfolios to address the needs of tomorrow’s Providers and Subscribers of arts & media. Benefits include delegation of direct subscriptions, facilitating shared ownership of rights and protections, curating content and payments made and secured.

Pindify acquires 9% of all subscription and 40% of total membership fee as revenue.

The recent irruption of blockchain technology gives many possibilities for the registration, distribution of intellectual property and transactions without intermediaries. The power of attorney along with the decentralized distribution of digital content articulate a new paradigm shift in the era of digital culture.


Pindify uses blockchain technology and smart contracts can ensure user verification, registration and certification of copyrights and intellectual property, payments, and transactions, by offering a transparent and innovative online marketplace. By collaborating with our blockchain services to create our own secured blockchain, Pindify can offer miners to connect the truths from owners, rights and wallets.


Providers such as creators (musicians/writers/creatives), influencers (radio/magazines) and businesses (labels/publishers) within the arts & media sector, can access and pursue opportunities through Pindify that are outside traditional promotional and distribution channels, available elsewhere today. Pindify incentivises Ambassadors to invite their network of clients, by giving them a portion of the membership fee to invite clients (Providers) and a small percentage from their invited clients’ customers (Subscribers).


Consumers today have far greater varieties of content to choose from, available 24/7, delivered through increasingly more services and devices. Instead of using many different applications and devices, Pindify offers all categories in one ‘full-stack’ environment. More importantly, Providers are incentivised to earn revenue by inviting their existing fans to become Subscribers, with engaging relationships, personalized communities and exclusive material or events. This will allow Pindify’s marketplace to grow organically from within, in addition to external influences and referrals.

Competitive Advantage

No longer is it enough to develop content solely to attract viewers, seeking the largest audiences possible for advertising. Now, Providers must create active fans, united by shared ideas, interests, and experiences, who will return every day to Provider’s portfolios and content. Current fans recruit new fans, and, best of all, fans will spend money in the Pindify marketplace and will be even less likely to leave the environment and community. As a marketplace, buoyed by the loyalty of passionate users, Pindify will command substantial strategic advantages over traditional library streaming services, or non profitable social media networks. Providers are now gravitating to brands, experiences and platforms that are differentiated as much by the quality of their curation, customization, and convenience, as they are by the quality of their content. Additional advantages of Pindify are;

• GROWTH – With personal promotion, automated filtering and a democratic ranking system, Providers can grow while presenting quality curated content.

• CUSTOMIZATION – With verified publishing, manageable ownership and direct personal subscriptions, Providers can customize their business.

• VALUE ADD – With invitation systems, social features and tools to consume and organize categories, Providers can add value and convenience for all their members.




Business model

Portfolios are ‘stores’ where Providers publish either promoted or professional content. Subscription payments divided into portfolio revenue and content revenue can be shared directly to other co-owners. Each Subscriber pays €11/month ($11 in the US) and after VAT (25%) and fees (13%), a market share of €7.43/month ($8.61 in the US) would be left for distribution in the market.

• Portfolios are guaranteed €1.86 /month ($2.15 in the US) for each invited Subscriber

• Portfolios also receive €1.86 /month ($2.15 in the US) for each following Subscriber, divided by how many premium portfolios the Subscriber follows

• Content is premium content only accessible to Subscribers. Pindify allocates

• €3.72 ($4.30 in the US) depending on the % of ‘pings’ the Subscribers spend on the content. A ping is obtained every 30 seconds, which after 3 minutes, rises according to the derivative of our algorithms.

• For instance, if the Subscriber was neither invited nor following any portfolios, the entire market distribution goes to a Provider’s content revenue.





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