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There is substantial excitement on the web about its potential to revolutionize the decentralized block-chain and social commerce. The Orbeum is a revolutionary new future token to replace transaction fees. It will attract large number of advertisers who have been hesitating due to the double cost system. This decentralized block-chain system protects the transaction security by creating huge demand for Orbeum token as well as to build confidence among market players.

Orbeum (OBM) tokens are based on Orbeum’s Ethereum smart contract (ERC20). All transactions on the platform are transparently recorded and stored on the block-chain, where they can always be checked.

Inobo Demand

The OBM token is the native currency of our platform. Due to its platform’s extensive uses and further plans it will always remain in demand.

Right place , Right Time

The OBM token is the perfect play for capitalising on the unprecedented interest in Ethereum Technology projects coming in 2018.

Valuable Token

The OBM token has real utility and value as an essential component of Orbstick’s revolutionary platform and upcoming solutions.

ORBSTICK- its time for new change

Orbeum is different from other ICOs. Our primary product is very near to completion and will be launching in a matter of couple of weeks after ICO instead of having to start working from scratch after ICO is completed. The development of our product started in December 2016. Some minor refinements overlaid across the development timeline will have the Orbstick/Orbeum project delivered on time.


Go live

Perfect Ad Platform

OBM tokens in Monetization

Cover live events

Use OBM tokens for Payments

Host a marketing Webinar

Chat, voice or video call

Host a business meeting

Create Stations

Record Screen

Video sharing

Video Hosting

Get Connected with Friends

Earn from Monetization

Video surfing

Reactions to posts


Token distribution


OBM Sale

5,500,000,000(5.5 BILION)  

Total Token Issue


Price Per Token


OBM Tokens Available


Soft Cap


Accepted Currency


Sale Duration


Hard Cap







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