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ODEM- more than an education marketplace


The platform is a single, accessible, and distributed network that allows students to seamlessly interact with professors and their academic partners in-person, onsite, in both local and international settings to raise the quality of accessible education at reasonable cost.

The ODEM platform further provides students with more choices for housing, transportation and other necessities. It allows international and local students to take ownership of their education. ODEM will facilitate live, in-classroom experiences, supported by online capabilities.

Their mission is to make education from the world’s top educators accessible and afordable to everyone.

Actual Problems:

  • Lack of Access to Quality Higher Education;
  • Institutional Barriers- Entrenched, Rigid Legacy Models;

The old paradigm of four-year and graduate education fails to address the importance of calibrating education to meet the needs of students and employers.

  • Financial Barriers- Exponential Increases in Tuition Costs;

For students committed to lifelong learning, a lack of customizable options inhibits their ability to update their knowledge as their careers evolve.

  • Geographic & Societal Barriers and the Limits of Online Education.

Social and geographical context is lost in the world of online education.


– Access to both local and international onsite, and in-person educational experiences. While ODEM can provide any type of learning experience, the program emphasizes on-the-ground education at elite institutions around the globe;

– A single education community in which students, educators and service providers can communicate and participate directly in a secure environment;

– A more efficient way of sharing and understanding educational requirements, goals and details to meet the rapidly changing workforce and the globalization of students and educators;

– A single, real-time system of negotiation, curriculum description and payments on an agreed-upon schedule;

– An integrated academic and curriculum schedule builder with details available to all participants to ensure development of educational programs that are clearly laid out and agreed upon by all parties;

– Capacity to perform back-and-forth language translation at all levels of education procurement to ensure that important nuances in program requests are not lost in translation.


  1. Investors, Philanthropists, Hiring Companies

Sponsor education for students and content for employees.

  1. Educators

Expand student base and teaching opportunities.

Develop and deliver relevant educational content.

  1. Services Providers, Translators, Facilities, Travel, Lodging, Catering

Increase new markets and expand business opportunities.

  1. Students, Executives, Education Companies, HR Departments

Network e­ciencies achieved through scale significantly reduce education costs.

Define and build customized education programs that meet specific educational needs.

Technology Platform

The platform works in conjunction with an inclusive and decentralized payment system for secure transactions.

ODEM is a comprehensive platform that allows students, educators and service providers in the education industry to participate in a direct, decentralized, real-time marketplace. It empowers participants to search, select and purchase existing educational products as well as create, request and negotiate customized education experiences in person and online.

Payment of educational services on the ODEM platform will be made via an inherent cryptocurrency, an ERC 20 token, namely the ODEM Token. This feature allows for a common denominator that provides low-cost transfers of value, as well as fast and secure financial transactions on the platform.

Token Sale

Token Issuer: ODEM SA

Total Tokens: 396,969,697

Tokens to be sold via the Token sale: 238,200,000

Short name: ODEM

Type: ERC20 of Ethereum blockchain

Accepted cryptocurrency: Ether

Price per ODEM (Token sale) for 180,000,000: €0.05 (equivalent price in Ether will be updated 24 hours before the Token sale)

Token sale starting date: Feb. 17, 2018 at 9 a.m. CET

Token Sale ending date: Mar. 19, 2018 at 9 a.m. CET

Hard cap on the main token sale: 180,000,000

Minimum buying limit: Nil

Maximum buying limit: 2,000,000 ODEM Tokens for first hour


Read More: Whitepaper

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