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Mossland – Real game

Mossland is a real estate-centric location-based Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game. In the game, users identify real properties in the world and add them to the game world – giving other users the ability to buy and sell real-world properties in the Mossland virtual world. 

Augmented Reality(AR)  The value of virtual property in Mossland is proportionate to the number of check-ins by users at the locations. In-game property owners can purchase and apply accessories to their properties. As their player base expands, the property market will continue to expand with new locales, and properties will continue to be improved by users in the game with AR accessories.

Location Based P2P Advertising Mossland creates a new advertising platform based on the convergence of real location-based games with AR technology. Any users of Mossland can create and run advertisement campaign through a simple interface after setting an ad budget using Moss.


Location Based Services (LBS) became popular as a result of GPS functionality in their personal mobile devices. Widespread adoption of GPS functionality led to the creation and popularization of location-based social networks and mobile applications, such as Foursquare.

The Mossland Check-in One of the foundational actions in Mossland is checking in. Players can explore their location and check into any nearby buildings. Players are rewarded with gold or items as a reward and can use these resources to purchase and develop their properties.

Property In Mossland, property is a finite virtual asset tied to the real-world real estate.

Accessories are AR objects which can be added to player-owned properties by their owners. Purchasing accessories and adding them to properties requires utilization of in-game currency and time. Players are also incentivized to create a coherent strategy around resource and time allocation per property, allowing players to optimize their experience to a great degree.

Items are an integral part of the property and accessory acquisition process. Players will collect items through check-ins, accessory interactions, and property ownership – items are semi-random and have a rarity.

Currency The Mossland economy will be governed by three currencies: Gold, Gems, and Moss. Each currency has a different value and a slightly different use case.


Mossland involves the best professionals in AR\VR and gaming spheres and the most famous advisors in Blockchain.

It is not just a game: you can build a real financial empire while playing! Using the purchasing and selling of property and accessories for it, you can directly influence the recognition of your building (and the level of income). More popularity – more currency.

  • Next step of AR- A real-world property market, which gives you the possibility to create your own advertising campaign
  • Safety- Ethereum-based cryptocurrency secured by blockchain technology for all the trades, sales and purchases
  • Real money- Accessories not only make the game interface more interesting but also increase the economic potential of buildings
  • Location-based- All the properties are based on the real items and their value is proportionate to the number of check-ins
  • Unique project- Biggest Korean ICO project, which is led by a team of ex-Google and ex-Samsung co-founders
  • Gaming- Have fun in a new AR world

Players can buy, sell, and exchange properties with other players in the Auction House. There are several reasons for requiring all property transactions to take place at the Mossland Auction House:

  • Requiring all transactions to use Moss will provide additional motivation for players to level up and accessorize their properties.
  • Because the value of properties will increase over time, and Moss Coin can be exchanged for other currencies on external exchanges, we expect fewer properties to be lost to players who leave the game.
  • The Auction House is a compelling gameplay addition in a mobile game and adds a new platform through which players can interact.

Global advertising markets are controlled by a small number of large players with the capital necessary to purchase access to players and markets, making it difficult for smaller advertisers to gain a foothold in the market and reach their audience. Any Mossland player can run an ad campaign by choosing a property and paying to begin advertising.

Mossland will create one of the first micro advertising platforms integrated into a mobile game, enabled by its virtual property market.



Moss Coin is an ERC-20 Token based on Ethereum.



Token Name



Total Supply

Moss Coin


Ethereum (ERC-20)

500,000,000 MOC

Pre-ICO base price

1 MOC = 0.0001 ETH

1 ETH = 10,000 MOC

Main ICO base price

1 MOC = 0.12 USD


Main ICO participants can purchase Moss Coin from minimum 0.1 ETH and no maximum amount is set. The standard rate will be determined by the average Ethereum price of Pre ICO and initial Ethereum price of Main ICO in order to prevent Pre ICO participants from disadvantages.


When GPS technology become a core component in most smartphones, many location-based apps and networks were created. These include Foursquare, Latitude, Loopt, and Gowalla, among others.

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