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What does it do?
Monetha decentralised trust and reputation system (DTRS), powered by smart contracts, works flawlessly with Monetha’s payment processor. We let the buyer see trustworthy and transparent reviews made by previous customers.
How does it work?
The information needed to ensure a trustful relationship between buyer and seller (such as warranty) will be recorded onto the blockchain. Smart contracts will automatically amend each party’s trust rating according to an algorithm that assesses the quality of the transaction.
Creating a decentralised commerce of trust
This is revolutionary. Based on the information saved during the transaction, clients and merchants will be able to file/solve a claim, rate each other, view ratings etc. Their history is then recorded onto the immutable Ethereum blockchain so that others can make well-informed commercial decisions.
Business​ ​model:​
​Monetha will only have one fee – a 1.5% transaction fee for merchants. Token​ ​and​ ​token​ ​ecosystem:​ ​A ⅓ of Monetha’s revenue will be put in the “Voucher Smart Contract” in a form of MTH tokens to our token holders with an ability to claim for a voucher proportionately to the amount of MTH tokens they hold. Token holders will receive a voucher in MTH (Monetha’s currency) to use it as a discount when buying from Monetha’s merchants. This voucher would be proportional to the amount of the MTH tokens held. Loyalty​ ​program:​ ​In order to encourage a network effect and create an ecosystem for the Monetha token, we are going to introduce a loyalty program for merchants.Every purchase made via the Monetha payment system will reward the client of the merchant with 0.2% (the exact percentage might change over time) of the value of
the transaction in Monetha tokens from the Monetha loyalty pool.

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