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Saturday , April 20 2019
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Matryx aims to be the de facto standard for decentralized collaboration. Matryx is an open source platform that consists of a blockchain-based bounty system, a library of digital assets, and a marketplace. It is the first bounty-based platform that rightfully compensates all contributors to a winning bounty. This model can be applied to all forms of collaboration, but Matryx will bootstrap with a focus on STEM and academia.

There are several key components of the Matryx ecosystem: a decentralized platform, an Ethereum token, and a library of applications. They are heavily integrated with each other and each component benefits greatly from the others. Users will interface with applications like Calcflow, nano-one, and the Matryx web marketplace in order to submit and download content. This content is managed by smart contracts on the Matryx platform and community input. All individuals are incentivized to maintain the platform’s quality via an ERC20 token called MTX.


The Matryx platform is a project developed by Nanome Inc.. Calcflow and nano-one are STEM Virtual Reality tools developed by Nanome that will interface directly with the Matryx platform. Calcflow and nano-one will be the first dApps to integrate the Matryx platform, although any entity may develop software that interfaces with Matryx. It is in Nanome’s best interest to take the lead in developing Matryx-oriented decentralized applications or “dApps.”

Moving Forward

Reputation is currently an auxiliary component to give contributors and bounty posters a public view of how they valued contributions. An automated system that can assign subjective value to the contribution in a bounty is a goal to be worked towards. Determining the value of a contribution given a wide range of bounties will likely take human interaction. Trusting individuals who have a monetary stake in a reward mechanism will initially require centralization in the bounty poster. The community of contributors is trusting the bounty provider to make their reward decision in a fair way based upon the supplied data in the bounty contract state. Contributors will have a public record of where awards were sent and may judge their bounty providers accordingly. Future implementation may use a voting system by the crowd to help determine contribution value. These votes may be sybil attacked (though if voting is onchain the gas cost of voting will help mitigate this). The validity of these votes must be taken into account as voters may not have the expertise needed to formulate an accurate assessment of a contribution. This leads the system into a model where curators who have gained a higher reputation in certain context-areas may facilitate the value assignments. These curators come with their own challenges of trust however. Combining financial incentives and willing collaboration to generate higher reputation will be explored.


The Matryx platform will also serve as a medium for the design and fluid exchange of next-generation 3D assets by serving as a marketplace where any user with MTX tokens can buy, sell, and remix assets under the licensing agreements of the asset-creator. The metadata for these objects will be stored on the blockchain while the objects themselves can be stored offchain.


Token purchasers may participate in the MTX token sale through the web application that will be located on the home page here on https://matryx.ai. Participants should only use the information listed on the website. There is no minimum purchase amount to participate in the regular Matryx Token Sale, which starts on Wednesday, September 13.


  • A valid ERC20 Ethereum Address. This must be from an ERC20 compatible wallet like Parity, Mist, MyEtherWallet, or Metamask. Your MTX will be delivered to this address. Non-ERC20 compatible wallet addresses will not be accepted.The Ethereum address used must not be associated with a third party exchange or service that has custody over the private key.

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