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KWHCoin is the native token for a decentralized application where prosumers, consumers and other distributed energy resources can connect and configure their energy resources.

The KWHCoin is a digital currency backed by a kilowatt hour of electricity that aggregates the energy usage data of distributed energy resources. Any upstream value generated will automatically pair to a digital wallet and payment is valued and dispersed in KWHCoins.

The KWHCoin represents a kilowatt hour of deliverable energy output or equivalent that was generated and distributed as part of work that occurred on our platform. Conceptually, the KWHCoin is a blockchain based solution for a cost effective and network incentive-based structure to help shift from fossil fuels to efficiency and renewables.

We intend to apply blockchain as a liberation technology, enabling access to renewable energy from local distribution sources, and to unlock value at the edges of the grid for those who choose to make environmentally viable choices.


Blockchain and other distributed ledger technology systems are the underlying protocol used to secure KWHCoin and the execution of energy transactions on the platform. This technology will enable the safe and secure transmission of energy data and ownership information by transacting all details in a public ledger, processed by decentralized computers all around the world.kv

These distributed energy tokens created will be assigned energy token identification on The Grid. KWHCoin has no central repository and no single administrator so the entire network owns this energy company of the future, maximizing value at all points of creation and generation of the distributed energy resources. This energy company model will provide a balancing effect on all resources that contribute to the generation of value.


Distributed energy resources (DER’s) are physical and digital assets that are deployed across the distribution grid, typically close to load, and usually behind the meter. They can be used individually or in aggregate to provide value to the grid, individual customers or both. Advancements in renewable energy and the increased cost of the delivery of electricity through inefficient, centralized command control have created an opportunity for an alternative system.

Distributed energy resources provide a dynamic solution to not only mitigate costs, but democratize wealth and value to individuals and the small businesses who create these distributed energy resources. Distributed energy resources such as solar, storage, energy efficiency, and demand management can be aggregated to provide services to the electric grid and therefore generate value that should be compensated at the edges of the electrical grid where most people interface.


One of the goals of this project is to explore concepts and possibilities related to the theory of a circular economy and the future of work. Blockchain and other decentralized technologies will enable compensation for work inside the new digital circular economy.

These platforms are independent, self-organizing digital ecosystems that can operate independently, exclusive to the network. These platforms are similar to KWHCoin in that they use their network currency as the medium of exchange on the platform.

This currency is also interoperable and can be traded on digital currency exchanges around the world to enhance user scale.

The platform that we are building will create a renewable energy ecosystem that uses the Internet as the rail to deliver and exchange clean energy with no central authority or trusted third party as controlling the platform.

This provides the opportunity for individuals to take ownership and control of their energy future, and also delivers a platform to monetize energy-related work. The collection, storage, and tokenization of distributed energy resources make KWHCoin a viable option as the digital currency of choice for the emerging internet of energy.

Percentage Distribution

  1. 10% of all initial coin offering and ALL profits generated related to Kwhcoin will be donated to microgrid development and off grid technology investments in Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, The Caribbean and the 1.2 billion globally without access to a reliable energy source
  2. 5% of Kwhcoins will be allocated for a presale to raise capital for pending business opportunities behind the meter with commercial, industrial and residential community energy efficiency projects
  3. 53% of the token offering will be used to raise funds for 4 product offerings related to launching Kwhcoin as a decentralized renewable energy economy.
  4. 5% will be allocated to pay for business and administrative costs using the Kwhcoin as form of payment for services rendered.
  5. 27% of token generation is allocated for Founders, principals, core developers, and humanitarian partners for compensation and to launch the infrastructure for the social impact ecosystem.


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