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iShook – A growing content ecosystm

At iShook, their goal is to connect content creators and audiences while leveraging the blockchain technology and of course to ensure rich content is delivered to end users. iShook will be a refuge for all inspired content creators seeking a platform, a community – a home. This is the revitalized content economy – this is iShook.


As time goes on and as more individuals adopt emerging technologies, the ecosystem is expected to continue to expand and experience a form of scattering. Publishing content online grants content creators access to a broad and distributed international audience.


iShook plans on being a platform not just for facilitating publishers and readers, but also artists, musicians, actors, and any content developer seeking a better way to expose and monetize their material globally.

iShook is seeking to enhance its singular network to facilitate and host digital content and increase content creators visibility.

A reader can then consume content directly from authors, and share their thoughts and insights straight through a social networking platform containing like-minded individuals.

  • iShook is for the social reader who searches for better access channels to their desired content.
  • iShook is for the note takers who wish to share and access their notes directly from content creators and other readers.
  • iShook is for the content creators looking for a single network channel in which they can publish, monetize, and market their content.



iShook currently facilitates over 12,000 publishers and over 60,000 ebooks through their partner “Gardners UK” Their platform serves the needs of users who wish to share their experiences across a list of social networks, all while hosting content natively.

Blog and E-Commerce store

As an extension to their already existing web application, iShook will also feature a blogging platform known as iShook Daily. The platform acts as an aggregator to serve users enticing and engaging content on a frequent basis to add to their daily experience.

The blog will aggregate popular content genres including (but not limited to):

  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • Business Texts
  • Short Stories
  • Self Help
  • Science Fiction

iShook will feature the ability for authors to link their products (i.e., Books, mugs, marketing materials, etc.) to an e-commerce store of their choice.

The App

Having a mobile application is integral when facilitating a 21st-century community. The iShook mobile demand will play a large part in their user’s lives on-the-go as they not only read but share their intellect and insights to the iShook community.

A few of the already integrated features include:

  • Sophisticated sharing features to let users not only share their reading habits to the entire iShook platform but also share their activity on any social media platform of their choice.
  • Push notifications to alert users as to any promotional offers currently occurring, author updates, and more.
  • User bookshelves to allow them to aggregate their content, and share their entire collection of what they’ve been reading with the iShook community.
  • Highlighting and markup features to allow users to add notes and highlight specific areas of books that they found to be captivating.


Verification and proof of identity in the digital service world is a challenging yet critical component to ensure the intentions of providers and consumers. As more and more services move online – and fraud continues to grow – this is of paramount importance not just to individuals, but to the businesses and governments with which they interact.

iShook Tokens will be minted off of the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-20 standardized tokens. The importance of iShook Tokens adhering to this standard is that they are compatible with any ERC-20 compatible wallet (MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, IMToken, etc.)


Cryptocurrency has been a unique and growing way to not only grow brand awareness, but a way to place power back in the hands of individuals who interact with systems by offering a specific form of valuable utility.

Content creator efficiency

Content Creators will be able to manage their own accounts. In effect, they will be in their own silos, with the success of each content creator depending on his own efforts, and not those of other Content Creators.

To recap, each content creator will gain the following benefits (but aren’t limited to these items) through the introduction of the iShook Token on the platform:

  • The ability to also receive royalties in the form of iShook Tokens on the platform.
  • Access to an extensive advertising network within iShook for content promotion and exposure.
  • The ability to host paid Q&A sessions and set prices on entrance fees.


Rate Min SHK
1 ETH 0.1 ETH 1,000
1 BTC 0.1 BTC 36,000
1 BCH 0.1 BCH 3,000
1 LTC 0.1 LTC 500
1 XRP 25 XRP 1

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