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zenIntroducing the world’s first ecosystem that allows to build a market of personal genomic information.

ZENOME is a decentralized database owned by the community in which the ZNA’s internal cryptocurrency stimulates to contribute its genomic data and fill out questionnaires (with medical and other personal information).


You are the one in control

Data is saved strongly encrypted on the distributed P2P network. The only one to decide who have access to genetic information and personal data is the user itself. Period.

Try Personal Genomics

Benefit from personalized medicine: share data with a doctor to get medical advice. Request for an anonymous report based on your data by a registered practitioner.

Become a DNA-hacker

If you know what you are doing, you can get intermediate results medical workers use to make interpretations. Beware, it could be misleading or confusing to non-specialist.

Use Genetic Services

Get detailed reports and recommendations on nutrition, cosmetology and sport. Be social: try genetic-aware social networks and genetic dating services.

Your Data — Your Money

Many companies are interested in genetic data. And they are ready to pay for it.  If you accept an offer, the money is yours.

Stay Informed

The system will explicitly warn you about possible privacy issues, if any, before sending you data to anybody. No way to unknowingly compromise own privacy


  •  Nowadays, more than 10 million people have undergone DNA testing (1 billion by 2025)
  •  Pharmaceutical companies need genetic data to develop new drugs • FMCG companies use genomics to create personalized products
  •  Large companies and corporations monopolize the genomic databases, which leads to an increase in prices and inhibition of the science
  •  Genomics will be the main data generator on the Internet in the next 10 years


What will the community and the whole mankind receive from the project?

  •  Demonopolization of the big genomic data
  •  Reducing cost of a drug development
  • Accelerating the development of science and medicine
  •  The possibility of using machine learning and artificial intelligence for accurate diagnosis and calculation of risks from genomic data
  •  You own your DNA


Genomics Benefits

For an individual:

g1– quality of life improvement. Based on genetic evaluation.

– Receive sensitive clinical information.

– Dating based on your genetic compatibility.

– Earnings from selling your genetic information.

For science:


– wide populational studies with real

time feedback from particimants

For companies:

g3– Big Pharma

– E-commerce


– Dating services

Development of personalized products based on recent genetic insights. Geneticsbased targeted advertisements.

The Market of genomic

geThe market of genomics technologies is one of the youngest (appeared in 2007), most rapidly growing and promising at the present time.

Currently the total market volume is about $25 billion and shows almost a tenfold growth dynamics from $5.9 billion in 2010 to $60 billion in 2020 (prediction).



How does it work?




  • The information is stored on the platform in the decentralized form.
  • The information can be stored for free, if user allows it to be accessible by scientific organizations.
  • If specific personal/clinical information is required for a study, a company could make an offer with such request.


The team



Start: February 1st, 2018

Hard cap: 1 708 096 USD (2 846 827 ZNA)

Exchange rate: 1 ZNA (ERC-20) token = $0.6

Duration: Until reached Purchase methods: BTC, ETH


Read more: whitepaper




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