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European Crypto Bank – Trading and Exchange

European Crypto Bank (ECB) is the culmination of 10 years of work and knowledge of financial markets, analysis and research.

Their offer is to:

How to make money on cryptocurrency Markets, by using a secure trading and an Exchange Platform, taking care of your domestic internal revenue services and converting your cryptocurrencies into all traditional assets without any risk of suspicion in Money Laundering.

European Crypto Bank will be a pan-European Wealth Management and Private Banking in a New Economy expanding,  day after day,  to 8 Trillion Euros.

Nowadays, the whole World Market on Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash…) is around $ 550.000.000.000 (*) and the Market require some new Exchange and Trading Platforms,  some new sources of Cryptocurrency Independent Analysis.

The access to the ICO Market can offer them a unique opportunity to realize an ambitious and scalable Project of Investment.


With ECB, anyone in the world should be proud to have made some money on a Crypto Exchange. They believe they have a place in the Crypto World with a revolutionary offer, such as a Crypto Private Bank with all services that are supposed to be provided by a traditional private bank.


  • Trading Exchange and leveraged services on cryptocurrencies and FIAT.
  • Financial & Advices analysis on Cryptocurrencies by the Analysts team and I.A.
  • I.A. AML & Compliance and Tax reporting: Robots Compliances for all opening accounts and KYC, used by ECB and usable in the future under licensing contracts by the Financial Industry and others Exchange platforms.
  • I.A. and Human Tax Advisories. The Tax Lawyers Team will advise and represent their customers all around Europe (tax Consultancy and Juridical Assistance in case of Tax Litigations).
  • Robot Advisors able to understand humans and immediately respond with the best efficient, emotional and suitable attitude, just like a human advisor.
  • Their target: To become a fully regulated Crypto Bank, over the next 4 years in Europe, by creating a gateway between cryptocurrencies owners and all traditional assets (Shares, Bonds, Commodities, Real Estate…).



ECB Cryptocurrencies Trading and Exchange platform is a secured website to buy/sell or exchange cryptocurrencies and other currencies as US Dollars, Euros and other assets.

Strict KYC rules that require the user to verify all ID.

They think, with their Token S or Token I, Token holders will see the value or quantity of their tokens increase with their annual reward or buyback.
If you keep them you will enjoy all of their services.


They aim to bring the Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain products and services to the masses, by providing an easy-to-use one-stop-solution, that is suitable for individuals and businesses, regardless their level of experience, by respecting the Law Tax Rules in their own countries and by avoiding any case of Money Laundering.

The aim of ECB is to:
Start a change in the Market, so that the wide range of non-technical customers could take advantage of the several opportunities that Cryptocurrency and the blockchain industries offer.

They can also supply Financial and Cryptocurrency Analysis and they are determined to provide a highly reliable quality level in Tax Reporting and Tax Advisory on Crypto Trades and Benefits, for the UK, French and Italian investors, from the very beginning of their activity.

The ECB platform has all the prerequisites to succeed and to keep a leading position among the industry players, thanks to its thorough strategic planning, and to its creative and dedicated Founding Team.


The ECB business model implies combining the top of the line products and services with an Incentive-Based Marketing Model.

Main Revenue Streams (Fees):

  • Trading fees from Trading and Exchange on the Platform.
  • Wealth Management into Cryptocurrencies and other traditional assets.
  • Fees for Tax Reporting and Crypto Research.
  • Trading Leveraged Fees.
  • Agent Licensing: licensing of tax reporting solutions and robot advisors and robot compliances.
  • Licenses for Crypto Analysis and Financial Research.





Token sale volume: 5,000,000 to 200 000 000 Euros
Token Sales Volume during ICO: 7 936 507 to 345 414 463
Total emission Volume: 15 873 014 to 677 283 261
Sale Geography: Whole word except the USA
Price of the token upon sale: EUR 0,63
Distribution of tokens: Crowndsale members 51% The company 24% The Team 23% Bounty Program 2%
iCO Website:
Smart Contract: The address of the smart contract ETH 20 will be available before the beginning of the crowdsale on the project website
Payment Methods: BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, XRP, DASH, BCC and FIAT

Read more: Whitepaper


European Crypto Bank Campaign:

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