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Denaro is a multi-currency debit card platform that enables users to access, store, and spend their cryptocurrencies like any other debit card. We have designed and developed a blockchain-based platform where users can seamlessly utilize their cryptos for their daily activities. Through payment terminals for merchants, IBAN numbers, and API/SCI functions, Denaro will seamlessly bridge the gap between the crypto community and the traditional financial structure (and user) in the future of monetary payments.


For Merchants

  • Securely receive payments in BTC, ETH, or DNO through customizable SCI/APIs without worrying about having to handle multiple wallet addresses.
  •  Instantaneous conversion of cryptos to BTC, ETH, or DNO and vice versa.
  •  Accept payments in fiat and instantly convert cryptocurrencies to fiat to hedge against volatility.
  • Discounts and bonuses for merchants with volumes higher than $500,000, including; 1 free payment terminal and 50% off debit-card charges.
  • An International Bank Account Number (IBAN) for receiving international transactions in fiat
  • Personalized debit-card designs for merchants with high volumes.

For Users

  • Store, spend and send Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Denaro from a single user interface.
  • Shop online and offline using a multi-cryptocurrency debit card.
  • No additional fees for sending cryptocurrencies outside of the Denaro wallet; only network fees apply.
  •  An International Bank Account Number (IBAN) for receiving international transactions in fiat.
  •  Personalized debit-card designs for users with high volume.

What will be DENARO offer

Denaro Debit Card



With a Denaro Debit Card, users will be able to load cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and DNO onto a physical debit card and spend them in millions of online and offline stores worldwide.


Denaro API

Denaro offers secure and customizable APIs for developers to add DNO and supported cryptocurrencies to their services as a local or global payment method. Denaro’s intuitive APIs can easily be customized for any blockchainbased exchange of values.

Security Algorithm

Built on an Ethereum-blockchain protocol, DNO tokens possess secured hashing via smart contract and Private-Key Signatures (PKS) for instant and truly private transactions.


  • Market Research — 2017 February
  • Business Strategy and Planning — 2017 April
  • Private investor attraction — 2017 May
  • Company registration — 2017 June
  • Seeking specialists — 2017 June
  • Wallet beta development and testing — 2017 July
  • Whitepaper preparation — 2017 August
  • Concept of cryptocurrency Payment Terminals and IBANs — 2017 November
  • Smart contract development/testing/security auditing — 2017 November
  • Open beta launch of the Denaro Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet — 2018 January
  • ICO launches alongside a publicity campaign — 2018 February
  • ICO ends — 2018 March DNO’s first exchange listing — 2018 March
  • iOS and Android app development — 2018 March
  • Cryptocurrency Payment Terminal development — 2018 end of March
  • Attending CoinFest UK — 2018 5th April
  • Public launch of DENARO project — 2018 first week of May
  • Attending Consensus conference — 2018 14-16th May
  • Listing on popular exchanges — 2018 end of May
  • Quality-of-life improvements — 2018 June – ongoing


  • Token: Denaro
  • Abbreviation: DNO
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Supply: 100m DNO
  • 1 DNO = $ 0.29


Read more: whitepaper



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