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The Datum network will consist out of 3 Billion DAT tokens, with 1.53 billion DAT tokens available in a public token crowdsale. The Datum network aims to provide entities such as researchers, companies or individuals the most efficient and frictionless access to data while respecting the data owner’s terms and conditions. By becoming a dominant data marketplace, Datum aims to revolutionize the existing data market where data creators are rarely paid for the data and the monetization happens by middle men who do not add any value.



Submit data. Data can be personal or business data and collections thereof or data from IOT devices and any other data source.

Storage​ ​Nodes

Provide compute power and storage capacity to store data in the de-centralized network. Storage Nodes are part of the BigchainDB cluster that allows Datum to provide global scale storage of submitted data.

Data​ ​Consumers 

Any entity wishing to access data. Users can grant data under their precise terms, either for free or for a fee.

DAT​ ​Token​ ​Holders 

Govern the Datum network and provide the “fuel” enabling transactions on the Datum network. Datum focuses on empowering the users (the source of data).

Datum is Open Source and Free to participate. Fees are paid to store data, access stored data and rewards are paid out for submitting data.


Each piece of data in the Datum network is marked with usage terms during the encryption. This way the user (the source of the data) can control in what way their data is to be shared and used by others. The usage terms are controlled by the DAT token smart contract.

Project​ ​Roadmap 

The Datum team has one focus: Creating a viable data marketplace to start returning value to token holders in the shortest time possible.

September 2016 -Concept​ ​Development 

Founders start exploring large scale data storage for IOT devices in the medical and smart home sector and devise first prototypes of structuring unstructured data.

June 2017 -White​ ​Paper​ ​&​ ​Concept​ ​

Validation  With the release of the white paper and the resulting community feedback we have fine tuned the concept and laid out the roadmap for the Datum Network.

August 2017 -Pre-Sale​ ​&​ ​Alpha​ ​Version

The Presale for the DAT Token started on 11th August 2017, and ended on 8th September 2017. DAT token allows users to participate in the new data economy.

October 2017 -Datum​ ​Token​ ​Sale

The Datum Token Sale is planned to launch from 29th October till 29th November or until the hard cap is reached. Datum released an early alpha release of the Datum app before the launch of token sale. The development of the Datum test network continues.

December 2017 iTest​ ​Network​ ​Launch  The launch of the Datum test network marks the beta release and will allow basic functionalities to be explored by developers and the community.

March 2018 -Release​ ​Candidate

The feature complete release candidate will be deployed to the test network and undergo intensive testing and bug fixing over the next three months.

June 2018- Datum​ ​Launch

The launch of the Datum Main Network marks the start of the new data economy. At this point the Datum Network will consist of the decentralized Storage Layer, the Datum App, Open API’s to submit and consume data and a full fledged trading system.

DAT​ ​-​ ​The​ ​Datum​ ​Network​ ​Token 

The DAT token facilitates transactions in the Datum network, providing value to the data on the network. The DAT token sale will enable full development of the Datum network and provide an efficient, transparent and secure smart contract token to facilitate exchange of data on the network.

DAT​ ​Allocation​ ​Overview  51% of all minted DAT tokens will be offered for purchase by the public under the ticker symbol DAT. The crowdsale will take place on 29th October 2017 at 1 PM UTC (GMT+0) and stay open for 31 days or until the hard cap of 61200 ETH is reached. 75000000 (75 million) DAT Tokens were offered to selected investors and the public as part of a Presale at the DAT Rate of 1 ETH = 10,000 DAT, which started on 11th August 2017 and ended on 8th September 2017. Including bonus offered to presale participants and adjusting for the DAT Rate change at time of main Token Sale (1 ETH = 25,000 DAT) the total amount of Tokens sold in the Presale was 214802742 (214.8 million) DAT Tokens representing ~7.16% of all tokens. 29% of minted DAT tokens will be held in a reserve by the Datum Network GmbH for community initiatives, user growth, business development, academic research, and future market expansion. 20% of raised DAT Tokens will be allocated to DAT core developers, founders and advisors with sales restrictions spread monthly over 2 years as incentive to ensure long term alignments of interest and commitments towards the future value of the tokens.

Datum​ ​Budget  Funds raised will be allocated as follows. To mitigate volatile cryptocurrency markets and to provide Datum Network GmbH with a runway of 24+ months, up to 40% of raised funds will be hedged in USD/EUR/BTC. A budget is outlined below assuming a scenario where the first ceiling of 5000 ETH equivalent has been reached.

Datum​ ​Foundation​ ​Governance  Initially the Datum network governance is handled by the Datum Network GmbH, a limited liability entity incorporated in Switzerland. Longer Term we plan to migrate governance to a DAO empowering users and stakeholders with direct influence and control over the network and its development by transferring network governance to a Non-Profit Foundation registered and supervised by authorities in Switzerland.

User​ ​Growth  Datum allows anyone to monetize their data on their terms. We plan to leverage this in our user growth strategy. By rewarding users from the very beginning for submitting data we expect to be able to drive accelerated growth. A referral program will provide additional incentives to existing users to spread adoption.

Team  Our team has over 100 years experience building large scale data processing and management systems. We are based in Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong and combine the best of these worlds: Swiss Quality with Singaporean Efficiency and Hong Kong’s Dynamism.

Datum will initiate a change in how people think about data. By empowering data creators with a secure way to store and exchange their data, and a vibrant marketplace to monetize this data, a new economic model will be created that empowers consumers instead of large private companies.

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