Wednesday , May 23 2018
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Civic’s Ecosystem

Secure Identity Platform

Civic’s Ecosystem is designed to incetivize participation by trustworthy IDV providers known as “Validators”, who may include financial institutions, government, entities, and utilitiy companies, among others. Just as Civic currently validates the identity information of users of the Civic App, Validators will be able to verify the identity of an individual or business known as a “User”, andt stamp this aproval on the blockchain in the form of a record known as an “attestation”. Such attestation is effectively the hash of an underlying elent of Pil, plus certain metadata relating to that hashed element. Parties known as “Service Providers” who are seeking to verify the same information about a given User, and who may include other Validators, would no longer need to independently verify that information and could instead leverage the work already performed by trusted Validators.

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