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BITRACE- the innovation of the cryptocurrency market

BITRACE INVESTMENTS LTD is a British investment company based in London, UK, which is a member of KJ Holdings Corp.

The company is in process of developing the Tunisia Raching F1 City Project, this project consists in building an integrated sports compound including a Formula 1 Track surrounded by top- class hotel and recreational units: (Total Assigned Land: 300 Hectares) in Hammamet, Tunisia.


To bring BITRACE to the surrounding Mediterranean countries, so they too can benefit from the innovation.


BITRACE with its Growth Strategy, will introduce the innovation of the cryptocurrency market via its platform that will not only revolutionize the way funding and services are provided within the project for the Tunisia Formula One racing, but BITRACE will bring access to seamless transactions and services, to all wishing to be involved.

Their map to success is the creation of the environment where all products and services within the project are accessible from the platform of BITRACE.

The Benefits for BITRACE token holder:

– Start Trading in CFDs BDSwiss Platform using BITRACE (April 2018);

– Rent cars in certain Mediterranean countries using BITRACE (June 2018);

– Purchase flight tickets from their tour operators for certain destination using BITRACE (June 2018);

– Purchase Holiday Packages using BITRACE (June 2018);

– Purchase Timeshare for their Holiday resorts using BITRACE (July 2018);

– Purchase services worldwide at LaBelle & LeBeau Beauty Salons using BITRACE (May 2019);

– Purchase products and services with in Tunisia Racing F1 City using BITRACE (January 2021);

– Receive return or investment out of the holding activities, as 20 % of the net profit will be distributed among the BITRACE token holders (January 2022).

      After the completion of the ICO, the management will insure:

– To increase the use and reach of BITRACE in many countries;

– To assign 10 % of the raised amount to be invested into promotion & marketing of BITRACE worldwide and to list the token in more than 20 market before the end of 2018;

– To assign 10 % of the net profit of Tunisia Racing F1 City to be re-invested into promotion & marketing of BITRACE worldwide.

The total supply of BITRACE is 1,000,000,000 BRF and 650,000,000 reserved for crowdsale.

They are offering 220,000,000 (220 Millions) tokens during the ICO presale.

Minimum contribution for the ICO presale is 10 US$. There is no maximum limit on the contribution.

      The conditions for the pre-sale:

– ICO Pre-sales start 25 Jan 2018 (Start at 14:00 UTC time);

– ICO Pre-sales end 25 Feb 2018 (ant at 14:00 UTC time);

– ICO pre-sales Bonus

30 % Bonus/ 25 Jan 2018- 05 Feb 2018

20 % Bonus/ 05 Feb- 15 Feb 2018

10 % Bonus/ 15 Feb 2018- 25 Feb 2018.

      BITRACE ICO start:

ICO start- 25 Feb 2018 (Start at 14:00 UTC time)

ICO and 25 March 2018 (end at 14:00 UTC time)


Price Token = 0.1 US$/ 25 Feb 2018- 05 March 2018

Price Token = 0.12 US$/ 05 March 2018- 15 March 2018

Price Token = 0.15 US$/ 15 March 2018- 25 March 2018

They are offering 356,264,000 BRF tokens during the ICO sale.

      Start of trading BRF tokens– 01 April 2018.


 Read more:  Whitepaper

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