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European Crypto Bank – Trading and Exchange


European Crypto Bank (ECB) is the culmination of 10 years of work and knowledge of financial markets, analysis and research. Their offer is to: How to make money on cryptocurrency Markets, by using a secure trading and an Exchange Platform, taking care of your domestic internal revenue services and converting ...

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Gymrewards – Solution to support getting paid for exercising


The GYM Rewards project consists of an entire solution to support getting paid for exercising. From the Blockchain that supports Proof of Exercise to the GYM Rewards Exchange for gymnasiums and other partners to come and exchange GYM Tokens. There is no need to wait for exchanges to support GYM ...

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Dbrain – The blockchain platform to collectively build AI Apps


80% of AI is data. Datasets for machine learning are still labeled by hand and require a lot of effort. They provide a simple tool for crowd workers and data scientists to turn data into real-world AI solutions. ABOUT Artificial Intelligence (AI) happens to be the next big thing. AI is all about data. Datasets used for machine learning ...

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Stealth grid – Blockchain Technologies


Decentralized Infrastructures: Stealth Grid™ foresees “a radically decentralized, more highly interconnected world. A global society that will fundamentally change your costs, efficiency, and reach, opening up a wealth of new opportunities for those who prepare for it; the infrastructure for the next generational social and economic systems.” StealthCrypto’s™ blockchain innovations ...

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Skychain – Future of artificial intelligence in healthcare!


The mission of Skychain is to save 10 million patients from premature death due to medical errors within 10 years. The future of artificial intelligence in healthcare. ABOUT Skychain is an infrastructure blockchain project aimed to host, train and use artificial neural networks (ANNs) by market participants. Skychain is a “sharing ...

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Iconic – ICOs Ecosystem


In a moment of unprecedented growth in the decentralized environment and in the fundraising industry, Iconic creates its business proposal to integrate to a strong community responsible for building and enhancing the most disruptive technology of the generation. Iconic is an investment and negotiation ecosystem for business assets that utilizes blockchain ...

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Mossland – Real game


Mossland is a real estate-centric location-based Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game. In the game, users identify real properties in the world and add them to the game world – giving other users the ability to buy and sell real-world properties in the Mossland virtual world.  Augmented Reality(AR)  The value of ...

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Family points – Marketing


A scalable blockchain-based platform which enables parents to get up to 40% rewards from purchases of Baby and Maternity products and spend it on child education and other services. The global market for parenting is worth US$889 billion, while education services are valued at a staggering $5 trillion. The first ...

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Bitcoinus – Insant bitcoin payment


In the digital age, not all revolutions have already happened. Breakthrough of blockchain technology essentially changes the understanding of money as a traditional payment method. A variety of blockchain based cryptocurrencies has started to disrupt many areas of traditional banking, all the way to online payments processing. This is where ...

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