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admin | CRYPTS NEWS - Part 3
Wednesday , March 20 2019
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GoNetworks’ GoToken


ETHWaterloo represented the largest global Ethereum hackathon with over 400 participants coming from 32 countries, but it was the local Waterloo based GoNetwork team that stood atop the winners circle. The 32 hour hackathon saw the judging performed by such notable names in the blockchain community including; Vitalik Buterin, Jeff Coleman, Brian ...

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It’s great to live in the era of the digital revolution, when it finally easy to manage the funds. Now you do not need to go to banks, stand in lines, file reports about the origin of your own funds. But still there is one important possibility that will finally ...

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Powerful platform based on blockchain system, functioning on smart contract technology and uniting in itself many fields of life. AKAIITO is complex of platforms united in one resource, which is allowing to live in real world by using new currency – cryptocurrency. This is unique opportunity to buy goods, to ...

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Bubbletone Blockchain


GLOBAL TELECOM ECOSYSTEM WITHOUT INTERMEDIARIES: SMART CONTRACTS ALLOW DIRECT INTERACTION BETWEEN MOBILE OPERATORS, SUBSCRIBERS AND SERVICE PROVIDERS “Blockchain in Telecom” ecosystem provides direct interaction between end-users, mobile operators and service-providers via smart contracts. It eliminates hundreds of intermediators, dramatically reduces costs of mobile services (up to 10 times while going abroad), ...

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New Key for your money


THEKEY Project, a world-leading solution provider in IDV industry, is here to leverage innovations in Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies to develop its second-generation IDV solution to address all the above-mentioned issues in the internet world. THEKEY smart contract system will use NEO smart contract, and develop under DNA framework. THEKEY ...

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Sapien is a highly customizable, democratized social news platform capable of rewarding millions of content creators and curators without any centralized intermediaries. Sapien is powered by an ERC20 compliant cryptocurrency called SPN. The Sapien network will rapidly evolve to include a marketplace, various integrations, and third-party applications. Power Future Applications ...

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The MoonLite Project will operate in the Crypto-Currency Mining space, and plans to begin by mining predominantly Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH & Litecoin on an industrial scale. Operations are set to begin in August 2018, and aims to be in time, one of the larger global crypto-mining companies. MoonLite will establish ...

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A Blockchain based Digital Filing Cabinet, which enables the consumer to securely store, control and manage their data. YourBlock combines the security, privacy and scalability of private storage with the data integrity, immutability, and accountability of the public Ethereum Blockchain, YourBlock will hold provider’s pricings for their products and services. ...

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Eristica – Product Hunt


The users of Eristica will get the opportunity to create completely different types of challenges, including competitions in online games, offline bets, as well as mass competitions, which is a unique advantage of the project. One other great feature of the platform is the freedom afforded to users when it ...

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FITTOKEN-futture invest


The continuous growth of Fitness and Fitness & Sport Centres for the everyday person and professional sportsmen has changed over the past decades. More and more professional sportsman and nonprofessional sport man are changing with technology, and though the Fitness & Sport Centre industry is not always moving with the ...

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