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Powerful platform based on blockchain system, functioning on smart contract technology and uniting in itself many fields of life.

AKAIITO is complex of platforms united in one resource, which is allowing to live in real world by using new currency – cryptocurrency. This is unique opportunity to buy goods, to rent cars and apartments, to use different services and help of specialists from nanny to lawyers, by using crypto money.


ALL in ONE Project AKAIITO is unique. AKAIITO platform will unite in itself all what is necessary for effective and convenient use of cryptocurrencies. No doubt, that there are many good applications around, which are meant to use cryptocurrency in real life. What Akaiito want is to have all possible “must have” parts available in distance of only one click. Massive community using one powerful platform – this is our aim and vision.

Safe Shopping- Opportunity for reviewing. Every user can influence of reputation of other user by leaving review or score, but only after the deal is closed. Smart Contract will follow interests of both parts of deal. – When buying payment tokens will be booked. – When product is delivered buyer, by scanning QR code, is confirming that he/she got the delivery and deal can be successfully closed. After that tokens are transferred to the seller. This function is guaranteeing purity of the deal.

 Low Comission- Commission is only 3%. From those 3%, will be returned for the buyer 1% in AIC’s by system of cash back. So, basically commission is just 2%.

Cash back- Stimulating reward program, when 1% of total purchase amount will be returned to buyer after the deal is closed. Every buyer, who has confirmed the deal and reviewed the seller will get back 1% of total purchase amount.

For example: John bought product for 15 AIC. After the deal is ended, John will get back to his wallet 1% of total purchase amount = 0,15 AIC.


Tokens amount 1 000 000
Price 1 ETH = 1000 AIC
Minimum purchase 10 AIC = 0,01 ETH
Bonus 60% 1AIC=1,6AIC
Period 14 days
Start 12.02.2018
End 25.02.2018

During Pre ICO will be released 1 million of AIC tokens.

Tokens will be sold with 60% bonus: for every 1 AIC will be added 0.6 AIC, what will summarize to 1,6 AIC.

Before launch on exchange markets tokens can not be sold over. Duration of Pre ICO is 2 weeks. If 1 million of AIC tokens (1 000 ETH) will be sold our earlier, Pre ICO will be stopped earlier as well.



AIC tokens sale For successful realization of AKAIITO project will be launched sale of AIC tokens. AKAIITO will release 30 million of AIC tokens.

For Sale will be released 22.5 million of AIC tokens. The whole amount of tokens sale will be divided into 2 steps: Pre ICO and ICO.

During Pre ICO sale will be released 1 million of AIC tokens and during ICO sale will be released 21.5 million of AIC tokens (amount of released AIC tokens will depend on ETH rate).





Project AKAIITO is having long term plans for existence. Therefore, they have a lot of plans for development of
platform in the future after launch. Here are some ideas for future development:

  • Map

In the future, they want not only to locate the places, where cryptocurrency is accepted as a payment, but as well provide AKAIITO users with unique discounts.

  • Idea

Idea of AKAIITO is to be a maximum comfortable platform for users. That’s why ideas for development AKAIITO will as well dip out from own users.

There will be created special forum for users for collecting ideas for development. The main question in the forum will be: “What You would like to see in AKAIITO? What are You missing and what You would like to change/improve?” Development of AKAIITO users is development of AKAIITO.

  • Rent

After launch, there will be two categories under “Rent” part of AKAIITO: car rent and apartment rent. Akaiito see as well big potential in development new category: “equipment rent”.

For example: You want to start doing professional photo shooting and for that You will need pro pho camera.

Of course, there is no sense to buy expensive pro pho camera immediately, because it is better to have rented pro photo camera for first try. This opportunity will be provided for You by AKAIITO. An important advantage is, that it can be done by using Your cryptocurrency.

World is changing. World has already changed. Join AKAIITO.



Read more: whitepaper


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