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Airpod – a “private capsule”

AirPod is full of cutting-edge technologies that enable users to undertake tasks in total privacy and comfort while still remaining in the heart of a public or commercial space. AirPod will encompass features to enhance the user experience such as Wi-Fi, touch screen monitor, air condition, sound reduction technology, privacy blinds in the smart glass, mood lighting and anti-stress program.


The AirPod offers all of the features provided by the competition, but with several distinctive advantages in terms of entertainment (Amazon Fire TV and vibration plate integrated into the seat), design, quality, privacy (soundproof), comfort and anti-stress / relaxation methods (smell, vision, and hearing).

Key advantages:

  • Innovative Design offering convenience, comfort, privacy, security and superior facilities
  • Space efficiency – relatively small space for installation (5,22m2)
  • Comprehensive integrated high technology enhancements focused on the business traveler
  • External noise reduction
  • Affordable and value-added product for the global traveler
  • Highly mobile – can be positioned anywhere within the airport

Key features: 

  • User-friendly
  • Free access to Amazon Fire TV
  • Free High-speed Wi-Fi for all users
  • Sound, visual and scent relaxing/anti-stress programs
  • Booking via the internet, IOS and Android mobile application on the spot or in advance
  • Easy to use – single control operating panel
  • Power sockets (USB/electricity)
  • Working desk
  • Luggage and personal belongings storage
  • Air Condition & HEPA filter (fresh air and constant temperature)
  • Alarm clock
  • Flight status information
  • The high-quality seat that can be transformed into a bed
  • Self-disinfection LED system

According to scientific studies, various scents, sounds, and colors stimulate cognitive recognition in the brain. That is why AirPod has integrated technology, which targets their three most important senses – smell, vision, and hearing.


In a recent survey that was conducted on 10,000 international travelers by Skyscanner. They were asked which airport features they wanted to see the most. In total, 36% of respondents wanted to see sleeping pods at airports.

Airports are recognizing this need, with sleeping pods being installed for the first time in Europe at Helsinki Airport in 2013. Since then, several airports have followed. According to the Viral Trends, two of the top 5 best airports for sleeping are equipped with sleep pods (Tallinn and Helsinki).


The global airport sleeping pods market was valued at 55 million USD in 2016 and is expected to surpass 75 million USD by 2021.


The Core business of the company is renting AirPods. They will enter the market, prove the business model and test the product on users by partnering with a distribution partner.

Project partners and their roles:

  • Mineko Pharma & Engineering Ltd (AirPod Technologies) – Production, marketing and monitoring through DApp Platform
  • Distribution partner – distribution and maintenance (Cleaning&Repairs) of AirPods
  • Main advantage compared to the competition is partnering with a distributor who has an existing network and relationships with airports around the globe


Developing and manufacturing process involves over 15 different suppliers, more than 10 partner companies, 2 engineers, 4 industrial designers and 5 software developers. Over 30 people are actively developing the product.

The key components of the AirPod are as follows:

  • AirPod shelf – made out of fiberglass
  • Darken glass windows
  • 180-degree view and 360-degree view with outside camera
  • Internal parts made out of high-quality wood
  • Electrical installations (cables, etc.)
  • Electric devices (iPad, LCD TV, AC, LED lights, HEPA filter etc.)
  • LED lights technology for disinfection
  • The seat that also transforms into a bed
  • Other accessories


The Platform – Decentralized Application Platform (DApp) Using Blockchain Technology and Tokenization.

Blockchain technology is essential for their business growth and strategy. The custom Blockchain they are creating will assist them to meet their objectives as a company.

DApp platform



Web, mobile, and distributed applications will be developed to simplify interaction between AirPod users and the AirPod platform. Users will be able to:

  • Find the nearest AirPod/-s on certain location such as the airport;
  • Rent and use the AirPod;
  • Create a reservation of the AirPod;
  • Create a Sponsorship Program agreement for a single AirPod;
  • Observe the statistics and economic profile of a single AirPod;
  • Participate in a bidding process;
  • Propose and bid for a new location of the AirPod;


A total of 250.000.000 APOD Tokens (“Total Cap”) will be generated at the first block and distributed according to Token Distribution Plan.

Start of Token Crowdsale March 2018
Duration 30 days
Token symbol APOD
Token standard ERC-20
Soft Cap $2.7 million
Max. Hard Cap $20 million
Total supply 250.000.000 APOD
APOD Distributed in the Crowdsale 200.000.000 APOD (80%)
Token price $0.10


Read more: Whitepaper


 AirPod Campaign:

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